Committed To Safety

Health, Safety & Environmental Program

G&J understands the risks associated with getting our products from point A to point B, and therefore enforce accountability throughout our organization.  Product safety and employee safety are top priorities at G&J.  G&J has several safety programs and policies in place to ensure safety. 

Federally Inspected

As a wholesale food distributor, G&J is subject to rigorous Federal and State food safety regulations. Our distribution facility and operations are inspected on a regular basis by State and Federal USDA Government Inspectors.


The products that G&J distribute exceed all applicable government grading standards and inspection requirements, as issued by the USDA, USDC and the FDA, or other agencies. Our products are inspected by the Federal USDA Government Inspectors at the item level and are labeled with item-specific identification numbers.


G&J has setup a comprehensive product recall program to ensure traceability and retrieval of product. We have a dedicated team to monitor product recall alerts from the USDA on a daily basis. In the event of a product recall, G&J is able to immediately trace the location of the recalled products by using the Federal Government ID system (establishment number). Retrieval of a recalled product is performed expeditiously, as required by industry guidelines.


It is important to note that products sold by Retail Grocery Stores are not subject to Federal Inspection. Therefore, G&J products are held to a higher standard of inspection than products sold at the retail level. This further ensures Food Safety on our Customer's vessels offshore!

Other Safety Measures

G&J is proud to be the ONLY Gulf Of Mexico food distributor that is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

In addition to being an OSHA compliant as well as a State and Federally inspected facility, G&J employs several safety programs worth mentioning. G&J conducts monthly safety meetings with all of its employees. Our safety program covers various topics which promote safety with our truck drivers, warehouse employees and office employees.

G&J operates a DOT regulated fleet and drivers must participate in an on-going driver training and education program. G&J has a fleet manager to ensure compliance with driver qualification, vehicle inspections, drug and alcohol testing, and hours of service log auditing. The results are safer drivers, consistent driver management controls across our entire fleet operation, and compliance with DOT's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs).


The information noted above is a summary of several safety measures implemented at G&J to not only ensure our employees safety but to also ensure our customer's safety by supplying safe products. Please phone us if you any questions about our safety programs. Also, please visit the HACCP link on this website to learn more about our voluntary HACCP Food Safety program.