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G&J offers incomparable quality and convenience. From Brownsville, TX. to Tampa, FL., G&J is a leading source of quality assured foodservice products to the oil and gas and commercial shipping industries located throughout the Gulf Coast. G&J provides the industry?s best available products, produced in prime growing regions and packed to exceedingly-high specifications. Our products meet or exceed top of the line, competitive ?first? labels, and make up our largest inventory of products. At G&J, product quality and the quality of our service are paramount in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Long before our products reach the customers? destination, extensive research and planning is conducted to guarantee that the customers? expectations are met. That process begins with sourcing the most reputable manufacturing organizations in the industry. G&J buyers are in constant communication with our vendors to ensure that our products not only meet our rigid safety and quality standards but also are competitively priced. At G&J, integrity means providing our customers with the same high level of service excellence that we expect from our own vendors. This commitment is reflected in the people that make up the G&J family.

Each employee is a dedicated, long-term team member, trained in customer service and committed to providing you with courtesy and respect. We are very proud of our team and realize its importance in keeping G&J as a leading Gulf Coast food distributor.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

As a leading source of quality assured foodservice products, G&J fields an extensive Quality Assurance/Quality Control Department. Our QA/QC department coordinates with our vendors? QA/QC departments to ensure we are supplied products that not only meet rigid quality standards but also exceed all applicable government grading standards and inspection requirements, as issued by the USDA, USDC and the FDA, or other agencies. Moreover, QA/QC insures that G&J products are designed to meet the requirements of our customers and always offer value and consistency.

G&J is built upon the quality process that employs teamwork and communication between G&J suppliers, G&J customer service representatives, G&J buyers, and G&J QA/QC supervisors to ensure that G&J products are safe and wholesome, while providing the consistency and quality demanded by our valued customers. At G&J, we realize that when it comes to quality, there can be no compromises!

Quality Training

New hires complete a quality and safety program orientation and are designated as a short service employee (SSE) for a period of 90 days. The SSE?s are teamed up with a mentor to provide additional on the job training. Department supervisors monitor the SSE during the 90 day period.

At G&J, every employee (new or old) is tasked with guaranteeing the quality and safety of their work. Quality and safety audits are entrenched in our daily standard operating procedures. QA/QC supervisors randomly inspect orders for errors on a daily basis.

Through ongoing research and on-site quality assurance inspections, we?re able to combine quality distinction and uncompromising value on a continuous basis!


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